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MIE GHESQUIERE (Belgium, 1966)

Next to her studies and work Mie always been creative in various media. In 1993 she started with ceramics. Antoon Van Eygen was her first ceramics teacher Kasumi Katagiri taught her how to use the potter's wheel, and   Adjaan Somthavin Urasyanadana  was her master in ceramics and Asian culture. she   worked in different studios in Belgium, Holland, France,  Philippines and Thailand and joined different workshops.

Knowledge from many ceramic artist and own experiences made  Mi understand  the language of its material through and through. The essence of stoneware can be found in dark organic shapes, the essence of porcelain translates in fine delicate and translucent works. Glazes are used thoughtfully and reflect the story they want to tell.  


The early work of Mie, inspired by the sea and its inhabitants, reflect  a natural beauty. Soft and dreamy arise mysterious creatures: the Nautilus strength and brittleness sees united, the quirky jellyfish, escaped the sea, which is upwind, a path to another story, the corals are fragile in white or blood red, meticulously constructed.  Her works radiate peace and quiet;  now and then sprinkled with a touch of humor. 


In recent years Mie explores the essence of porcelain. By cutting cast porcelain and reassembly creates a growing process from simplicity to complexity. In her work with porcelain she plays with light and shape and affect the boundaries of being and non-being.


The works of Mie constantly evolving, but the common thread that runs through all the work is that of natural simplicity and fragile tenderness.

Mie joined different exhibitions in Belgium and Thailand, she started the group 'clay moves' in Bangkok,  Solo exhibition 'Mie and the Clay, a dance of shapes conducted by water'. Budji living, Bangkok May 2010 In 2011 she moved back to Belgium and started the house of Arts 'Tussenin' a Ceramic Studio, a Gallery.  Next to this she joins different exhibitions and art events in Europe. In 2016 she was selected for the 8th ceramics talent award .  


Mie likes to share knowledge. She gives workshops in different studios and is teaching in Syntra West Belgium

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